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Mathew is an Internet entrepreneur known for founding Mathew Morettin SEO in 2016, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO).

My team and I provide a service POWERFUL enough to alter any business..

See, traffic is the lifeblood that determines whether or not your business is growing or dying. Owners and CEO’s everywhere actually fear not having enough new leads contacting them… while companies that HAVE a steady stream of new customers flowing to their business are able to continuously grow, expand and do more!

This is what makes our 3-step system so effective…

Our strategy is proven to not only drive more traffic to your website, but also get you into a position where people view your business as an authority instead of just another ordinary company..

The Biggest Reason Why
Your Website Is NOT Visible

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between websites that are consistently showing up for target searches on Google compared to the websites that are (for example) stuck on page 4 getting no visibility?

Many people believe that it has to do with the amount of keyword related content on your website, or even the amount of traffic your website gets compared to others…or some people even believe it has to do with the number of backlinks that are “powering” up your website.

The truth is…ALL these things are true and can HELP move your website up…but they are not the determining factors for your website to achieve high rankings.

So what is the determining factor?

Well, today the majority of people use Google to find what they are looking for and they TRUST Google to give them the best search results for what they are looking for.

Every business that is growing wants to appear high when their product or service is searched on Google because people will automatically view them as an authority over the competition, and in most cases… buy from them.

So with that in mind, why would Google choose a few specific websites to appear high when there are 100 other websites competing for those same positions.

The answer is Trust.

The biggest reason why websites RANK HIGHER is because Google trusts those websites MORE, and by default ranks them higher organically than websites it trusts less.

And so.. search engine optimization is not about who can write the most blog articles about a website, or who can send the most backlinks to a website, or who can send the most traffic to a website … it’s actually about building and developing the overall trust of your website so Google WILL rank it higher.

And guess what…once you have high rankings in Google, the targetted traffic, the new leads and the never ending flow of new customers will come naturally.

This does not happen over night. It’s a process and MUST be done right.

We have a strategy known as the 3-step system that is focused on building the trust of your website so your business can achieve high rankings for the most competitive keywords in your market. It works for every website that is in a HEALTHY state, any niche in any location. We use this system for businesses that are in a position ready to scale and handle more customers. It certainly isn’t for everyone.

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